Monday, August 13, 2012

back in business

My August resolution was to blog more, but it seems nearly half of August has slipped away without so much as a single post... but I promise, there are big things coming soon! I want to do what I've said I want to do (that's a mouthful) for years now: more outfit posts, and regular ones. I hope to start that sometime this week, but for now, I've put together a little collection of my latest vintage finds to tide you over. xxx

(from left to right: savers, goodwill, savers, buffalo exchange, buffalo exchange, savers, black & brown vintage)

The detailing on my lovely new pink sweater. 

I finally have a bag large enough to fit all the books and film and other random things I insist on constantly carrying around with me...

I've temporarily moved houses/rooms, and as I was putting my favorite things on my new dresser, it appears that I instinctively organized everything cohesively without even realizing it. I put my floral, ladylike items in one section...

My retro, sixties-era treasures in an other (including a lovely picture of my parents at their wedding)...

And my nature-inspired things together in one corner. 

I promise I'll start posting more before the summer is over. Meanwhile, you can follow me on twitter... x