Sunday, July 8, 2012


The other day (all clad in my new-but-vintage pink polka-dot skirt from the darling Ms. Ashley Ording)   I met up with my lovely friend Sonja, to have a macaron-baking adventure (she hadn't ever made them, and I hadn't in nearly a year). Our original plan was to bake rose-flavoured macarons with homemade lychee-raspberry jam in the middle, but our end result turned out to be a plain shell with a mostly-raspberry (and slightly lychee flavoured) center. They were still utterly beautiful, though, and were well worth the five plus hours of baking!

Sonja, after it all. x

Me, mixing! x

A few were messed up, but most of them looked perfect. x

(And on a gorgeous little French plate). x

The most delicious organic raspberries; I was almost sad to mash them into a jelly. x


  1. The raspberry macarons look delicious! Are macarons generally speaking difficult to make or just time consuming?

  2. gorgeous! I must make macarons again, before I forget how too. Raspberry is probably my favourite flavour

  3. Mmm, delicious and dream filled. I love it and your blog makes my day, thank you. : )