Tuesday, October 2, 2012


This post is over a month late (when I said I'd be blogging again, I meant it, I swear!), but sometimes real life gets in the way of things, and there's no way around that. Now that I'm settling back into the normal, slow-ish pace of life, I've finally had time to update my etsy shop, which was very badly in need of some sprucing up. My wallet will be thanking me for this (at least, fingers crossed!), and I know my once-messy closet is already thankful that a whole bevy of unworn items have now neatly been packed in "to ship" boxes and envelopes.

While my infatuation with lacy collars is a never-ending one, every now and then I have to learn to let go of some of my most precious items (it's a good way to perfect the art of not becoming too attached to people or things...). Thus, 'blousons' is now filled to the brim with the laciest of lacy collars, among other lovely vintage treasures.

Check out all of the items, here. xxx

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