Saturday, April 21, 2012

brunch & mr. baryshnikov

I had a lovely Saturday filled with two of my very favorite things: brunch and ballet. The morning began with a lovely brunch near the ocean, at the most darling little restaurant that looked right out on the sand  - and that had the sweetest little Bonne Maman (the best) jam jars (there was even one filled with honey for my tea!) I had an almond croissant, which was filled with marzipan, and which was stupendous. And, berries and yogurt, which fit my color palette splendidly.



Then came the ballet - we were lucky enough to see Mikhail Baryshnikov, of all people, perform in a special ballet/theatre hybrid that is currently touring the country. My grandmother told me that when my mom was a small girl, she had a poster of Mr. Baryshnikov on her bedroom wall, that she would kiss every night before bed. He is certainly quite a beautiful gentleman, even at his current age. The performance was exquisite, and it makes me feel like twirling around endlessly and living in Europe in the 1930's...

...Oh, what I would give... x


  1. What I lucky soul you are!
    I envy you, to have the chance to see Mr. Baryshnikov. I myself have a poster of him that hangs on my bedroom wall, but I've yet to see him in person.. Ever since I was a little girl, when I began ballet I've looked up to him.
    I am glad you've been blessed with such a magical day. You truly deserve it. xx

  2. This sounds like the most perfect day. I wish for one similar now