Monday, April 30, 2012

to the land of Melrose

I finally dragged myself out early on a Sunday (and such a sunny and beautiful one, at that!) and experienced my very first flea market adventure. I even bought myself a new dress in advance, to celebrate such a fact (and, because it was simply staring me down and whispering to me in the most whimsical, 50's inspired way: you know you want me). As far as flea markets go: I am absolutely enamored, although this one certainly put my capacity for feeling overwhelmed to test. There were too many things to see, which resulted in five plus hours out in the warm spring sun, getting my hands quite "dirty" amongst rack after rack of clothes. 


Sunday also involved lunch at a 50's diner with my lovely friend, Cameron....

  I was able to bargain with a vendor and get this lovely needlepoint purse for just $8, instead of $16!

 And this little cat-shaped cream jug is the most darling thing (there's a hole in his mouth for the milk to pour out of). 

The most gorgeous circus-inspired pin.

 And my first official, photographed-by-another-person outfit post!

It was certainly a fun adventure, though I shocked myself by coming home nearly empty-handed, clothes wise.



  1. Oh I love flee markets! I went to one on the weekend and was quite successful buying a skirt, jumper and lace dress all for $14!

    Your dress is beautiful! What a lovely day you had

  2. You got some beautiful purchases. It looks like you had a lovely day. x