Wednesday, June 6, 2012

audrey grace boutique (preview)

If you haven't already heard of the Audrey Grace Boutique (and I'm certain you have), then I highly suggest you click on that link there and scroll through the pages awe-struck, marveling at the loveliness of, for instance, the pop-up-shop's grand opening in New York last fall.... the reason I mention it is also the reason why I am stopping by this blog for a very brief post despite the tremendous amount of work I currently have to do, studying for exams and creating final art projects.

And that reason is... the wonderful Jaclyn Bethany, owner of the boutique, has asked me to do a fashion photo shoot for the store/its website! I'll keep you mostly in the dark for the time being about the details, but rest assured, you'll be seeing results from said photo shoot soon enough, as it's happening this Saturday (so soon!)

Today I received some of the dresses I'm to use in the mail from Jaclyn. I am so very excited for Saturday. x

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