Monday, June 18, 2012

changes & healing

My bed, and my wall of treasured things.


It is truly amazing how things can change in 24 hours. Life has been very hectic lately (just a few days ago I finished my freshman year and moved out of college, three hundred miles back to home), and I was greeted with an intense summer heat and that odd feeling of getting used to being with people who you haven't been around in a very long time. I had lots of unpacking to do, but it was lovely having my own bedroom again and organizing all of my treasures and trinkets, not to mention having a backyard again. Yesterday evening, I waltzed around the house and yard, collecting all sorts of lovely flowers to press into my flower-pressing scrapbook, and took photographs of my bedroom and danced about listening to my favorite fifties soda-fountain hits. At about 10 pm, however, I doubled over in pain, with the most awful feeling in my stomach. It wouldn't go away for an hour or so, so I was rushed off to the emergency room - where I spent the night, being injected with IVs and morphine and having all sorts of radiation-filled scans. The doctors released me late this morning, with some medication (unfortunately, I have a problem with one of my organs), and the statement that I may get better on my own, but if not, then surgery will be necessary. So today I spent in bed, blogging and going through photographs (will be posting some soon!) and feeling generally miserable, though I did finally get the chance to pick up a book again and to work on pressing those pretty flowers.

Freshly-picked flowers on my desk.

My closet (I must clean it at the bottom, but I am happy to finally have all my dresses, skirts, and blouses hung up.

My desk, dresses to reconstruct and mend, and the old animal conservatory stickers that seem to be permanently stuck to my windows.

The flowers up-close. I shall photograph them once they've finished being pressed, too. x

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  1. I love the different looks of people's bedrooms. Yours is no different. Quite charming.

    I am sorry about your hospital visit and diagnosis. Especially in the summer. Ill and hospital bound as a child, I can say I know the misery of being sick. However, I send you the best of wishes.

    Take care of yourself little one - x