Wednesday, January 23, 2013

hello Mr. Huntington

Last week, the two loveliest girls in the world (Olive and Alexandra) and I finally had ourselves a little adventure, and we chose the dreamiest locale for it... the Huntington Gardens & Library in Pasadena, California. The gardens are so huge that even after spending nearly four hours there (well, minus one in the dreamiest gift shop), we still didn't cover all of the grounds (which only means we need to venture back sometime soon!). It was a beautiful January day, and I still can't think of a better way to have spent it than how I did: traipsing around rose gardens and through a great, palace-esque mansion decorated with Mr. Huntington's incredible art collection. We also had tea and pastries outside of the garden tea room, and spent the late afternoon wandering around old town Pasadena, thrift shopping and discovering tiny bakeries...


Alexandra quite naturally channeling some magical fairy-like being. 



A land of gorgeous, gorgeous architecture... 


Olive's gorgeous, delicate Edwardian blouse. 

Alexandra channeling some wonderful 70's folk movie...



  1. You and your friends have such, lovely, poetic vibes about you. What a beautiful place to spend your time! I'm so jealous. :)

  2. Lovely
    Your friends are beautiful
    what stunning gardens

    I don't mean to sound pushy at all, but I emailed you a little while ago, and it would be wonderful if you could get back to me x