Wednesday, January 16, 2013

treasures & trinkets

This is a very, very belated holiday post, but I'm certain I don't need to explain how awfully hectic things can be around December and January. I just had to document all of the lovely trinkets surrounding Christmas this year, though - and wish you all a belated happy holiday season, and a wonderful New Year! xxx

 Presents I wrapped for friends and family members. Needless to say, everyone hated me because they woke up the next day with glitter in places they didn't even know glitter could appear....

My third year receiving Chloe Eau de Parfum, which smells like absolute heaven.

I bought myself two small gifts to celebrate the holiday season. I don't normally purchase or use designer make-up, but I have been lusting after both of these products for quite some time (Yves Saint Laurent Rouge lipstick #17 and Christian Dior Creme de Rose lip salve.) Plus, I've heard that Yves Saint Laurent beauty products will start to become more valuable now that the company is being re-named...

I received quite a few gift cards for Christmas, to some of my favorite stores (which all happen to be stores that middle-aged women might shop at, instead of 19-going-on-20 year old girls, but that's beside the point), and was able to choose some of my own lovely treasures, including some pretty plates and a beautiful book on taxidermy museums, as well as a gorgeous memoir of Ms. Chanel....

A book on the 60's, The Book Thief, House of Leaves, and box after box of vintage botany and Vanity Fair cover postcards.

More treasures from various stores (all sorts of lovely scented bath products and candles, a star lantern, and the ever-so-brilliant Grace Coddington memoir!)



  1. Eek! I got the same book on the 60's from a friend my senior year in high school. I am happy they are still printing/publishing HIPPIE. It is definitely a cool, cool thing. Sadly, mine is sort of destroyed because I ripped a picture of Frank Zappa out of it to hang on my wall. Oh well.

    It looks like you had a nice holiday. Happy New Year, Emma and hope to see more of you over here on blogger in 2013. x

  2. What wonderful gifts! I love the presents you wrapped - they look gorgeous :D

  3. Looks like you got some really sweet gifts

  4. How lucky you must be to receive such thoughtful gifts! Your blog is too lovely.