Sunday, November 11, 2012

pretty in pink

I will be the first to admit that sometimes I truly think I am six years old at heart. While rifling through my local Goodwill store today, my eyes only seemed to land upon the girliest things possible, as is often the case. Perhaps I'm some mixture of somebody's grandmother and a very young girl... x

A lovely pink shift dress, a pink silk hanger, a pink velvet-lined vanity box, and a lovely snow-globe.


I filled the beautiful vanity box with my favorite brooches and gemstones.

I had a hard time deciding between this glittery garden faerie snow-globe and one with a swan princess. x


  1. Hey girl! Just found your blog and I must say I absolutely love it! Your style is divine. May I ask you where do you often buy your clothes? I don't know too many places that really like me their style. Congrats on your work here! xxx

  2. that dress is absolutely perfect! you are the dearest treasure hunter x