Sunday, May 13, 2012

era proms & thrifting

It was one of those weekends where one of the days is the most beautiful day you've had in a while and the other one is the saddest day you've had in a while (I'll stick to the beautiful day, though). My friend had a birthday party with the theme "era prom" this weekend, and I of course took that opportunity to find a silky, lacy, pastel-colored 1950's chiffon dress! In my quest for said dress, however, I also uncovered some other beauties at the charity shop, and made a much needed stop at the post-office to mail parcels to pen-pals...



Just look at this perfect thing. I've never thought of checking the sleepwear section at Goodwill before, but, lo and behold, they have some beautiful vintage robes and nightgowns! This thing is fairly see-through and floor length, but I have a feeling I'm going to embark on an effort to change it into a blouse. That collar is just too perfect to resist.

These darling twins are two of my favorite people ever. Though my 1950's dress contrasted quite a bit with their 1970's prom outfits!

I also found a wonderful wooden box (there are tiny flowers engraved on the top of it), and a hollow swan figurine, and a beautiful glass jar with the loveliest engraved metal top.

I can not believe I found this. I picked it up thinking it was a brooch or a small pill box (it's a gorgeous shiny golden clam shell, but it's actually a measuring tape!) I simply can not resist lovely things that are actually tiny little useful tools.


I bought this dress ages ago at a thrift store for only a dollar or two, even though it was 10 sizes too big. It's floor length and stiff and terribly baggy, but I can't imagine a more perfect pattern, and I'm determined to make it into something perfect for this summer. Perhaps separates - a corset top and a long skirt? x

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