Tuesday, May 15, 2012

please mr. postman

First of all: wow! Three posts in a row, and 7 posts in May already? I didn't think I'd be using this blog so much, but it really is so convenient to catalogue the bits of loveliness I encounter in life. I'll try to take a short break from posting after this post, I promise.

On one hand, I finally got some film developed (and by some, I mean I had 8 rolls of film stacked up from the beginning of this year, and only now took them all to the lab!) I'm quite pleased with my results, though I'm not quite as pleased with the current price for film developing. I also found some little surprises when I got my film back: simple photographs of things around home that I took to finish off a few rolls.


My shell collection (at school).

My desk at home, in December. 

My bed and prom dress at home, in April. 

My bed and art wall at home, in April. 

I also organized my trinkets today in my new wooden box. I have a thing for golden brooches! 

Also, my new pen-pal, Sarah, sent me some beautiful things in the mail this afternoon. It was so much fun opening her package, and uncovering each treasure, piece by piece (they were all so carefully and sweetly wrapped in pale pink tissue paper). Everything is so whimsical and so very me, too!

I was so excited to see what lay inside those wrapped parcels... also, aren't these pinecones so cute? 

Sarah sent me a rose-scented candle in a gorgeous porcelain box, some floral garland/ribbon, a tiny embroidered handkerchief, and...

A lion, a rabbit, and a lovely floral brooch!

Hooray for pen-pals (and sorry for all of the posts!). x


  1. Oh, these pictures are so very sweet! I love how you've arranged everything (and that handkerchief goes so splendidly with your box!). I am so glad to have you for a pen-pal, dear. xx

  2. hello! i would totally love if you put a way to follow your blog (:
    i love it!


  3. I like these, especially the picture of your desk. They have such a lovely, quiet feel to them.

  4. Such beautiful things! I want your shell collection hehe! Your tiny brooches are so gorgeous

    xx Carina