Wednesday, May 23, 2012

wedding bells

 Not real wedding bells, of course, but something equally exciting! I had a terribly long week, and the other night, after a long shift at work, all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and have some sweet dreams... however, I had the wonderful opportunity to live a dream instead. One of my close friends here at school happens to work for a prolific fashion magazine, and he styled a wedding-themed photo-shoot the other day. When he called me and told me to come to his room and check out some dresses that he had, I was not in a million years expecting what I saw.  I was in utter shock and awe, and in complete euphoria! I still feel as if I'm part of some elaborate fairytale.... the beauty of it all hasn't quite worn off yet.

 This is what I saw when I walked into his room. A huge dress rack filled with dozens of beautiful gowns. I nearly hyperventilated at the sight. x


And then... this dress. The photograph above, on the right, captures my complete disbelief at wearing a $15,000 Monique Lhuillier gown. Though the style of it looks quite vintage, it's apparently not even on the runways yet! It was quite literally the loveliest thing I have ever worn.

We spent quite a bit of time taking impromptu photographs in the dormitory hallway. Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately!) no one walked by, as it was past midnight... this dress was my favorite, and it also happened to be the priciest. A $20,000 Vera Wang gown! I felt like I had hopped out of the page of a fairytale. x

And this beautiful Oscar de la Renta gown was also dreadfully intimidating, price-wise, but absolutely stunning, with layer after layer of lace and chiffon petticoats. I would live in these dresses if I could, but alas, they're back at the studio now.... 



  1. You are beautiful, my swan. A little princess you are!
    Oh, you are divine. (I hope you know that) xx

  2. Oh my goodness! I am green with envy those dresses are stunning! The first one is jaw dropping. You look gorgeous in them!

  3. Wow you lucky girl what a amazing opportunity and so much fun!

  4. *Gasp* These are absolutely gorgeous! Of course you look a princess in each and every dress

    xx Carina