Monday, May 28, 2012

little things

This week, I haven't been trying on designer wedding gowns, or having grand picnics in the park... but rather, through all the stress that the end of the school-year brings, I've been enjoying all the little things; the insignificant, beautiful moments I encounter every day.

For instance, these flowers have appeared outside of my building. They are the loveliest thing to greet me every day when I step outside.

I organized my bag (my trusty leather satchel) the other day... I always seem to delight at little collections of things, and this one is no exception (and it's marvelous that I can see it every day, no matter where I am.)

Today's outfit.
Straw hat (thrift store) / blouse (ebay) / knee socks (UO)  / corduroy skirt (American Apparel) / purse (J. Crew, for my birthday)

I've watched all sorts of films in the past week... I saw Moonrise Kingdom the other night (finally!) and it was brilliant, and then I re-watched Cleo from 5 to 7 and Une Femme est Une Femme the other day. I was very inspired by the utter beauty of Anna Karina, and attempted to give myself ringlets and 1960's eye makeup....



  1. That outfit is darling, dear! I've been looking for some Peter Pan collared shirts and dresses myself. This post has brightened my evening a little, thank you. xx

  2. Your blog is really sweet, im swooning over your style, rad photos