Monday, May 7, 2012

May queen

Brace yourselves for a long, rather jumbled post! Today was a good Monday. Summer is very much in the air: it was warm and the sun was out and I could wear the sheerest of tights and not be cold, which I haven't done in what seems like a very long time! Today was a day of dresses and flower chains, summer's first sweet strawberries and sunlight...

I found a little grove of pretty trees on my way back from class, and took the opportunity to take some (bad) phone-quality outfit photos. I'm certain I looked silly, with my handmade flower-chain.

 It's wonderful to have fresh, locally grown berries again... there is something quite special about sweet, red California strawberries. And hardly anything beats my favorite jam-filled shortbread cookies (I get them at the local Whole Foods bakery, and they're quite hard to resist. They don't seem to be a universal item at that chain of stores, unfortunately...)

And then I indulged in dress-up. There are simply too many dresses out there that I'd like to just stare at all day, not actually purchase and wear, like this lovely sailor-inspired one.



My friend is having a birthday party on Friday with the theme "Era Prom". Of course, I naturally chose the 1950's, and embarked on a quest to find a beautiful 50's prom dress (if only I weren't at school right now; I could wear my lovely butter yellow 50's chiffon high-school prom dress!) I tried on so many terribly expensive, full-skirted pastel dresses just for the fun of it, but I came away with the peach-colored one above. I also purchased the silkiest, most darling sleepwear piece: a beautiful white top with tiny blue embroidered flowers, and also, a gorgeous lacy long white dress!

Oh, and these two dresses fell into the "ones I was trying on just for the fun of it" category. I don't even want to think about their prices. It's too bad they were so lovely, and that they both fit like a glove...


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